cyber® simco® drive 2 – servo drive

  • Servo controller cyber® simco® drive 2 for use in control cabinet or decentralized

  • cyber® simco® drive 2 IP20: perfect fit for use in control cabinets

  • cyber® simco® drive 2 IP65: decentral drive concept for use in the machine surroundings

  • cyber® simco® drive 2 (SIM2100): Die perfekte Lösung für mobile Anwendungen (AGV) mit Schutzart IP65

  • Small servo drive system: cyber® simco® drive 2, cyber® dynamic system and cyber® dynamic line

connective – intelligent – safe

In combination with various servo motors and servo actuators, cyber® simco® drive 2 is the ideal solution for fast and precise moving and positioning tasks. With a continuous output of up to 5 kW and a short-term peak output of 10 kW, the servo drive is suitable for high-precision applications, e.g. automated guided vehicles or packaging industries – as a switch cabinet version with protection class IP20 or decentralized version with protection class IP65. 

Excellent solution for complex motion tasks


  • Multi-Ethernet version
  • Many real-time capable fieldbus interfaces
  • Various encoder interfaces


  • Automatic parameterization thanks to electronic name plate 
  • Integrated PLC functionality

Safety and robustness

  • Integrated safety function STO according to SIL3 / PL e
  • 12 to 60 VDC wide range input
  • Protection class up to IP65


  • Multi-Ethernet version
  • Different performance classes
  • Flexible programming of motion tasks
  • Protection class IP20 and IP65

Easy installation and commissioning

  • Compact design
  • Connection elements arranged in the front allow simple pin assignment
  • Stackability

Dynamics and precision

  • Real-time capable and isochronous Ethernet communication
  • High current resolution of 14 bits for high-precision torque control
  • Switching frequency of 16 kHz

Small servo drive system

High-dynamic servo motors in the sizes 17 - 40 mm (optionally with gearbox and ball screw drive)

Numerous fieldbus interfaces and decentral intelligence

Safe shutdown of the system in case of emergency thanks to integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function according to SIL3 without loss of productivity

Space-saving installation thanks to stackability and user-friendly pin assignment

Electronic name plate enables automatic and safe parametrization of the motor

Simple installation in the machine without an additional enclosure thanks to protection class IP65

The cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drive, the cyber® dynamic line motor series and the cyber® dynamic system are a complete match in every respect.

You can choose between numerous different fieldbus interfaces for easy connection to your higher-level controller.

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