The smart gearbox cynapse® with Smart Services

Unlimited Industry 4.0 connectivity: gearboxes with cynapse® from WITTENSTEIN alpha independently record operating data within machines as well as plants and communicate it in the IIoT. The cynapse® feature is integrated in the existing installation space for this, and is connected via an IO-Link interface. As a result, measured operating data and the gearbox’s product-specific information can be accessed.

In combination with our Smart Services, maximum transparency is created within the machine and the Smart Factory. Smart Services from WITTENSTEIN analyze your gearbox and process data and actively enhance the quality of machines and processes.

How do cynapse® and Smart Services play together?

Gearboxes with the cynapse® feature and IO-Link interface can be directly integrated into your system landscape. You can decide here whether the generated data is only kept in the cynapse’s internal memory or whether you integrate it into higher-level systems, such as a PLC or gateway/IPC.

By integrating the data into higher-level systems, you lay the foundation to use our Smart Services. 

For integration into these systems, we rely on common standards such as Docker or integrate natively into the respective target system such as ctrlX from Bosch Rexroth or Adamos.

How does digitizing machines and plants work? Our whitepaper provides answers.

Our smart drive systems and Smart Services enable our customers to successfully integrate their machines and systems into the digital world. Find out in this whitepaper which components can be used for this purpose and what integration into IIoT might look like.

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This is cynapse®

cynapse® product features

Product identification

The digital identification plate contains all relevant data needed for clear identification of your components.

Data logger

Data is collected and stored throughout your component’s lifecycle:

Temperature, vibration, mounting position and acceleration

Threshold monitoring

Sensor values are easy to monitor based on predefined or customized thresholds.

Customer statements on cynapse®

With cynapse® in our K4.0 smartpacks, we can make the component manufacturer’s know-how available to our end customers as added value

Simon Brehmer, Head of Technology & Digitalization
KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH

cynapse® gives us insight into the machine and is indispensable for predictive maintenance

Thomas Conen, Product Engineer – Drives & Motion
Omron Electronics GmbH

cynapse® integration options

The integration of gearboxes with cynapse® can be categorized into three different integration options:

Internal memory

  • Use of internal memory
  • Storage of data history (e.g. minimum / maximum values & histograms)
  • 8 MB memory capacity manages to store data from 40,000 operating hours

PLC integration

  • Integration of cynapse® data and functions into the PLC (e.g. live / process data & IO-Link events) 
  • Use of cynapse® data for further analyzes
  • Data storage in sensor memory still active

IPC / Gateway / Cloud

  • Integration of cynapse® data and functions into higher-level systems (e.g. live / process data & IO-Link events)
  • Use of Smart Services from WITTENSTEIN or further analyzes 
  • Data storage in sensor memory still active

Smart Services

You can find more videos in the “Digitalization can be so easy” series here.

Smart Services at a glance

cynapse® Monitor

cynapse® Monitor

  • The “cynapse Monitor” service provides a control terminal for your cynapse® gearbox, allowing all features to be used.
  • You no longer need to design a separate visualization solution for the cynapse® data, meaning a lot of development time and costs are eliminated.
  • cynapse® uses all sensor data such as process data, histograms or histories and also events as data input.
  • You gain insights into the operating behavior of the drive axles, allowing critical operating conditions to be detected earlier.

Data Gateway

Data Gateway

  • The “Data Gateway” is the core service for integrating and processing sensor data enabling condition monitoring applications. 
  • The service can provide this data to multiple target systems (databases, cloud systems, etc.) simultaneously and in parallel.
  • The service supports you with an automated integration of cynapse® data – significantly reducing your manual integration effort into the machine infrastructure.
  • The service provides collected sensor data in a structured format.
  • In addition, it is possible to integrate control data into the Data Gateway via OPC UA.

cynapse® Teach-In

cynapse® Teach-In

  • The “cynapse Teach-In” service helps parametrize cynapse® for your individual machine process. You no longer need to manually determine thresholds for cynapse®.
  • The service helps identify and visualize abnormal events in the machine process.
  • The service determines process-dependent thresholds based on statistical methods or individual computations.
  • The service stores a set of learned thresholds and transfers them to cynapse® as and when necessary – giving you maximum flexibility.



  • The “Anomaly-Check” service automatically detects anomalies in the machine process or component behavior. Expensive machine downtime is prevented before it occurs.
  • The service uses various machine learning models to compute effective anomaly metrics.
  • The service can simultaneously monitor multiple sensors at various points in the machine.
  • The service can be connected and used for different applications.