The WITTENSTEIN group possesses exceptional expertise for the mastery and further development of all technologies relevant to mechatronic drives. We combine six strong segments under one roof.

We develop, produce and sell products such as high-precision planetary gearboxes, complete electromechanical drive systems and AC servo systems and motors. Our areas of application are robotics, machine tools, medical technology and aerospace.

Our objective is to continue to surprise and impress our customers with innovative ideas. We work on this every day. All of us, together.

Facts and figures

WITTENSTEIN Group, reported on 31.03.2023

Sales revenues in €
519,1 mill.
Equity ratio
56 % (2022/2023)
Employees worldwide
Trainee ratio
6,3 %

Six Strategic Business Divisions


High-precision servo drives and linear systems

WITTENSTEIN alpha develops, produces and sells mechanical and mechatronic servo drive systems for sectors that require maximum precision. Our products continue to set new standards around the world.

We have divided our product portfolio into four segments in order to meet varying, application-specific requirements: while the Premium and Advanced segments focus on technology and performance, the Value and Basic segments place more emphasis on price and satisfying basic customer requirements. Learn more...

WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH - Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1


Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

97999 Igersheim (Germany)

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor

Highly dynamic servo motors and drive electronics

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor develops, produces and sells technologically advanced servo motors with sophisticated drive electronics as well as complete mechatronic drive systems with maximum power density. Our particular expertise lies in specialized motors for ultra-high vacuums, radioactive environments and high temperatures. 

We collaborate closely with our customers on individual projects. During the development process, we share knowledge, learn from one another and develop new ideas together. The resulting solutions help differentiate our customers from their competitors. Learn more...

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor - Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor

Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

97999 Igersheim (Germany)


Superior gearboxes and drive systems

WITTENSTEIN galaxie develops, produces and sells radically innovative gearboxes and drive systems, whose functional superiority is based on an entirely new operating principle. Our unique expertise makes us the global leader in rotary mechatronic drive technologies.

Our innovations enable our customers to implement their machines and systems with previously unattainable performance parameters. This will help them to remain ahead of the competition in the future. Moreover, our solutions allow products to be manufactured in an efficient way that conserves resources. Learn more...

WITTENSTEIN galaxie GmbH - Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1


Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

97999 Igersheim (Germany)

WITTENSTEIN motion control

Drive systems for the most extreme environmental requirements

WITTENSTEIN motion control develops, produces and sells customized systems for critical environmental conditions using servo motors, gearboxes, electronics and software. Our development expertise and the high level of vertical integration of the components ensure that our technologies meet our customers’ requirements. 

We focus our innovative solutions on fields that rely on maximum performance, robustness and reliability: aviation, the defense sector, simulator applications and subsea. Real-time security software completes our product portfolio. Learn more...

WITTENSTEIN motion control GmbH - Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

WITTENSTEIN motion control GmbH

Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1

97999 Igersheim (Germany)

attocube systems

Nanoprecision drive and measurement technology solutions

attocube develops, produces and sells drive and measurement technology for highly demanding nanotech applications. Its product range includes everything from nano drives and complete microscope systems to innovative sensor solutions, which far exceed current measurement technology in their precision, speed and compactness and can also be used under extreme conditions.

Years of experience and expertise in both the scientific and industrial market segments have yielded an inspiring product catalog boasting maximum precision and user-friendliness. This superior technology revolutionizes existing applications and guarantees lasting competitive advantages for our customers. Learn more...

attocube systems AG - Eglfinger Weg 2

attocube systems AG

Eglfinger Weg 2

85540 Haar

+49 89 420 797-0

+49 89 420 797 20-90


baramundi software

Secure management of IT infrastructure in offices and production areas

baramundi provides companies and organizations worldwide with efficient, secure and cross-platform management of networked endpoints in IT and manufacturing. The Management Suite provides our customers with integrated, future-orientated unified endpoint management.

baramundi leads the way in regard to unified endpoint management in networked production environments. We develop this solution in close cooperation with the WITTENSTEIN Digitalization Center. Learn more...

baramundi software GmbH - Forschungsallee 3

baramundi software GmbH

Forschungsallee 3

86159 Augsburg