Galaxie® G

  • Galaxie® G – Coaxial Galaxie® version with an optional gearbox input stage

Galaxie G®  is a backlash-free gearbox with optional inline planetary input stage and adapter plate for mounting on standard industrial servo motors.
Galaxie®, the radically new gearbox class, was nominated for the Federal President’s Award for Innovation in Science and Technology.

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Configurable zero backlash gearbox with optional planetary pre-stage and motor mounting adapter plate​​​​​.


  • Highest torque density
  • Extreme torsional rigidity
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Improved synchronization accuracy
  • Robust and precise output bearing
  • Zero backlash
  • Easy integration


  • Increased productivity
  • More stable processes
  • New, high performance machine generations
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Shorter project life times



  Galaxie® robustness line Galaxie® accuracy line
Outer diameter1D  [mm]115160191241300122193304
Length2    l  [mm]15717722626731644157229

Max. acceleration torque3

T2B  [Nm]450108618004050750035015006000
Max. output speed   n2max [rpm]125958061501258050
Nominal output torque3 @ n2N    T2N  [Nm]190450750168531301907503000
Nominal output speed3 @ T2N    n2N  [rpm]3123201512605031
Emergency stop torque3    T2Not [Nm]1350300054001200022500700300012000
Torsional rigidity3    Ct21 [Nm/arcmin]160370650140027001556252500

1 Without connectors/varies depending on mounting position
2 Without cooling connectors/varies depending on pre stage and motor dependent adapterplate
3 Values are subject to variations
4 With negative gear ratio, output turns in opposite direction to input; with positive gear ratio, output turns in same direction as input.


Galaxie® robustness line series: Technical data valid without water cooling

Galaxie® accuracy line series: Technical data valid with water cooling

Technical data for reference only; technical data for 2-stage gearboxes may vary – available on request


  • Adapter plate and bushing perfectly matched to the servo motor
  • Several different ratios available

Galaxie® G

  • Optional gearbox input stage

Galaxie® GH

  • Optional hypoid input stage, single or two-stage
  • Hollow shaft: 26 to 71 mm (available on request)