cyber® kit line large – frameless servo motors

  • cyber® kit line large – Frameless servo motors

  • cyber® kit line large – Frameless servo motors in size 290, 360, 420 and 530 mm

high torque – highly integrated – flexible

The frameless servo motors of the cyber® kit line product family offer maximum torque and flexibility in a compact size. In addition, the frameless design with a large hollow shaft gives the highest possible freedom of integration to develop unique solutions for specific applications. The assembly kit, consisting of rotor and stator, can be flexibly integrated into the machine thanks to the variety of variants. 

Furthermore, the high-performance direct drives (torque motors) are the ideal solution for e.g. applications within machine tools.


Excellent solution for complex motion tasks

High torque

  • Highest torque density thanks to maximum copper fill factor


  • Frameless version
  • Large hollow shaft


  • 600 V design
  • Wide range of choices


  • Complete potting for enormous robustness
  • Sizing safety

Product highlights

With a wide range of choices, the cyber® kit line large provides the most flexibility for the user. The torque-optimized motors offer the highest level of robustness through their full potting and maximum integratability due to the frameless design with a large hollow shaft. 

600 V version

Large hollow shaft

Integrated temperature sensors

Several lengths per size

Technical data

Size 290

DC bus voltageUDC VDC560
Maximum powerPmaxW118501177025920
Maximum torqueMmaxNm5801131


Maximum current ImaxA33,043,093,0
Continuous stall torqueM0Nm2905601139
Continuous stall currentI0A16,021,044,0
No-load speedn0min-1364240251
Stator outer diameter A1mm310
Stator lengthBmm90140240
Lamination lengthB1mm60110210
Rotor inner diameterDmm220



Size 360

DC bus voltageUDC VDC560
Maximum powerPmaxW111801729019810
Maximum torqueMmaxNm112220664059
Maximum current ImaxA45,076,0110,0
Continuous stall torqueM0Nm55010252016
Continuous stall currentI0A20,033,046,0
No-load speedn0min-1236209147
Rated powerPnW91001449017300
Stator outer diameter A1mm385
Stator lengthBmm110160260
Lamination lengthB1mm70120220
Rotor inner diameterDmm265



Size 420

DC bus voltageUDC VDC560
Maximum powerPmaxW2033030760
Maximum torqueMmaxNm22344447
Maximum current ImaxA82,0138,0
Continuous stall torqueM0Nm11002210
Continuous stall currentI0A35,058,0
No-load speedn0min-1206168
Stator outer diameter A1mm455
Stator lengthBmm130210
Lamination lengthB1mm90170
Rotor inner diameterDmm325



Size 530

DC bus voltageUDC VDC560
Maximum powerPmaxW3185059950
Maximum torqueMmaxNm48479191
Maximum current ImaxA109,0209,0
Continuous stall torqueM0Nm23804525
Continuous stall currentI0A50,095,0
No-load speedn0min-197137
Stator outer diameter A1mm565
Stator lengthBmm160260
Lamination lengthB1mm120220
Rotor inner diameterDmm420