Linear actuators

The cyber force motor series of servo motors from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor are built with an integrated screw. It is the screw drive, fully integrated in the actuator housing, that makes this series so unique: the servo motor, screw drive, linear guide and encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-install unit. Several different sizes from 17 mm to 300 mm are available. These linear actuators can be designed with a customized screw drive, screw pitch, stroke length and mechanical connection for forces of up to 750 kN.

Benefits of electric linear actuators

Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, electric linear actuators permit precise and flexible position control regardless of the application without any retooling on the machine. They are thus ideal whenever frequent format changes are required. The servo technology offers better controllability by design; together with the easy integration into the automation environment, this facilitates reproducible processes which can be either stroke or force optimized. Motors with an integrated screw are moreover leakproof and far more energy efficient in normal operation – after all, compressed air, in particular, is not only expensive to produce but a significant share of it is lost. Finally, servo technology is virtually maintenance-free and also quieter – two further benefits compared to fluid power solutions.

Other products of WITTENSTEIN Group

The WITTENSTEIN Group worldwide integrates all key technologies for electromechanical drive systems. Our innovations regularly set new benchmarks. Our portfolio extends from highly precise gearings to piezo drives and integrated electronics.