Rack-and-Pinion Systems of WITTENSTEIN alpha

The perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience. Our specialist knowledge extends from the coupling of gearbox, motor, pinion and rack to complete system solutions. 30 years of experience in the fields of gearbox construction, toothing technology and the design of complete drive systems go into our rack and pinion systems.


  • Maximum movement speed and
    accelerationwith low moments of inertia
  • Excellent control characteristics due to constant
    linear rigidity along the entire movement path


  • Drive solutions with unique true running accuracy
  • Maximum positioning accuracy due to precisionalignment of components


  • Fast and easy assembly, e.g. with INIRA®
  • Effortless commissioning
  • Minimal mounting space and high power density
  • Huge savings potential

The suitable linear drive system for any application

  • High Performance Linear System

    Planetary gearbox RP+, High Performance pinion, High Performance rack, optionally available with INIRA®
  • Precision System

    Planetary gearbox TP+, Premium Class+ pinion and Premium Class rack
  • Performance Linear System

    Planetary gearbox alpheno®, Performance Class+ pinion, Performance Class rack, optionally available with INIRA®
  • Standard System

    Planetary gearbox SP+, Standard Class RSP pinion and Value Class rack
  • alpha Value Linear System

    NPR planetary gearbox, pinion and rack

The Linear Systems find global application in

Portal milling machines

Traveling-column milling machines

Horizontal bed-type milling machines

Laser machines

Turning and milling machining centers

Pipe bending machines

Water jet gas cutting machines

Wood/plastic machining centers

Welding robots

7th axes

Stone processing machines

Flat glas cutting machines

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