Lubrication system

  • Lubricator LUC+400

  • Lubricator LUC+125 

  • High-pressure hose
  • Gearbox lubricating pinion

Perfect lubrication for a perfect system

In order to achieve a long service life, our rack and pinion systems require adequate lubrication. We offer you suitable lubricating pinions, fastening axles, and lubricators, all adapted perfectly to our systems.

Customised solutions

We will be happy to develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our comprehensive service catalog. Please contact us.

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  • Lubricating pinion
  • Lubricator LUC+ 400


Lubricating pinion – Perfectly adapted to our rack and pinion systems

The polyurethane foam lubricating pinion is supplied with a preset quantity of grease via a lubricator or central lubricating system. This ensures an optimal lubricating film on the rack and pinion. In addition to the supply of lubricant, the lubricating pinion also ensures cleaning of the open toothing.

Your benefits:

  • Long service life for the lubricating pinion thanks to open-pore polyurethane foam
  • Uniform application of lubricant onto the teeth
  • Compact design

Depending on your design requirements, you can choose between left-hand (for rack) and right-hand (for pinion) gearing.


Straight-toothed lubricating pinions are also available.




Lubricator LUC+ 400 – solution for decentralized lubrication

Your benefits:

  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Replaceable 400cc lubricant container
  • Up to 4 outputs with up to 2 different freely adjustable lubricant mixtures
  • Fully integratable into machine controls
  • Controls and power supply via machine controls
  • Differentiated fault messages via PLC
  • Lubricant volumes precisely adjustable to the application (minimal volume lubricant)
  • Minimal current input

The lubricant is supplied to the lubricating pinion by means of a high-pressure plastic hose suitable for a cable track.