WITTENSTEIN at Hannover Messe 2020

At the upcoming Hannover Messe 2020, WITTENSTEIN SE will be demonstrating its technology leadership under the motto “Stay ahead” with a range of innovation exhibits in numerous different fields. For example, a delta robot integrating smart gearboxes and cynapse® functionality from WITTENSTEIN alpha will be on show in Hall 5, Stand C13 along with the new small servo drive system from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor. The newly established WITTENSTEIN Galaxie GmbH will likewise be represented at the booth. This successful startup becomes an independent Strategic Business Division on April 1, 2020 and will be on the spot with an application exhibit of the Galaxie Drive System. baramundi software AG, also a company of the WITTENSTEIN group since 2017, will present smart IT solutions for networked production environments.

Stay ahead: Innovation leadership in digitalized drive technology

Smart gearboxes by WITTENSTEIN alpha featuring cynapse® make drive trains fit for digital transformation. The sensor element, evaluation and logic functions are seamlessly integrated – while the IO-Link interface ensures universal Industry 4.0 connectivity. Building on the intelligence and communication capability of the new gearbox generation, which will be on show at the trade fair integrated in the delta robot, WITTENSTEIN is now developing a broad portfolio of smart services that make condition monitoring possible today.

Stay ahead: Smart small servo drive system sets benchmarks

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s new small servo drive system takes pole position in a number of respects. For a start, it’s about 30 percent smaller in size than the equivalent predecessor versions – an advantage when space is scarce. It also provides ultimate connectivity: thanks to the multi-Ethernet interface, users can choose between an EtherCAT, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP CIP Sync fieldbus – in future also SERCOS III – with one and the same hardware. And a CANopen version is already in the pipeline.

The cyber dynamic system (CDS), integrated in the motor, forms an ultra-compact unit that fits into even the smallest space no matter how complicated the mounting situation. The CDS combines precision and dynamics with connectivity and decentralized control intelligence like no other comparable drive solution in the market today.

Stay ahead: Start-up Galaxie is now a Strategic Business Division

The Galaxie Drive System, winner of the Hermes Award at the 2015 Hannover Messe, is going from strength to strength – in the research and academic communities as well as in high performance engineering. With the conversion of the former Start-up Galaxie to WITTENSTEIN galaxie GmbH on April 1, 2020, this success story is now also reflected in the firm’s external relations. The various exhibits and applications on display at the Hannover booth will highlight the innovative potential of this independent gearbox class, especially in terms of torque conversion, freedom from backlash, torsional rigidity, synchronous running and overload capacity.

Stay ahead: Diversification into innovative business segments with a future

baramundi software AG, which has been a company of the WITTENSTEIN group since 2017, is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to security and transparency in networked production environments based on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things concepts. As a winner of multiple awards for its software solutions, baramundi is a promising newcomer in the WITTENSTEIN Group’s world of mechatronic drive technology – with strategically important competencies that can drive digital transformation company-wide and lay the foundation for successful external business development, as exemplified by the Hannover exhibits.

Smart gearboxes featuring cynapse® ensure universal Industry 4.0 connectivity.