WITTENSTEIN at Hannover Messe 2019

Smart gearbox points the way into the digital future

As the market leader and a pioneer in mechatronic drive technology, WITTENSTEIN will be exhibiting at the Hannover Messe 2019 under the theme “Get Started: Play IIoT Smart & Simple”. The highlight of this year’s exhibit will be WITTENSTEIN alpha’s new smart gearboxes, designed with “cynapse” -- an integrated sensor module enabling Industry 4.0 connectivity. This exciting premiere is part of WITTENSTEIN’s evolution from a drive manufacturer and mechatronics corporation to a “Leader in Cybertronics”.

At the upcoming Hannover Messe fair April 1-5, WITTENSTEIN alpha’s will debut its new smart gearbox, making WITTENSTEIN the first component manufacturer to bring smart gearboxes to market as standard products. The innovation will be initially available for gearboxes in the WITTENSTEIN alpha premium line, and then gradually extended to all WITTENSTEIN alpha series. Designed with “cynapse”, these gearboxes are identical to the existing models in design, size and contour, so existing drive solutions need no modification. The smart gearboxes feature an integrated sensor module that enables the connectivity. Demonstrations and information will be available at WITTENSTEIN’s exhibit in Hall 15, Stand F10 at Hannover Messe 2019. 

From Gearbox to IIoT

The integrated sensor module captures performance parameters such as temperature, vibration, operating hours, mounting position and other factors affecting gearbox operation, and then transfers this intelligence via an IO link. These smart gearboxes record and communicate the performance metrics to the cloud level using the standardized connectivity of the IO link interface and an IO link master. This information can be used to improve condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications at the machine level as well as to all standard IIoT platforms.

These new smart gearboxes are just the latest milestone in WITTENSTEIN’s evolution from a drive manufacturer and mechatronics corporation to a “Leader in Cybertronics”. WITTENSTEIN has also implemented IIOT solutions in the Galaxie® Drive System, the iTAS® modular servo drive system for automated guided vehicles, and also a smart drive system with Industry 4.0 connectivity for heavy-duty electric torque multipliers.

WITTENSTEIN’s Digitalization Strategy

Technology leadership is at the core of the WITTENSTEIN brand essence. To help maintain that position, the Group is committed to actively shaping the digital transformation. WITTENSTEIN stepped into the production world of the future back in 2012 with the first visible projects at its Fellbach facility just outside Stuttgart. The next landmark was the opening of the “Digitalization Center” in 2016, which comprises specialists in sensors, electronics, software, data and cloud technology.

The Center’s digitalization strategy defines four key focuses as the Group makes the transition from a drive manufacturer and mechatronics corporation to a “Leader in Cybertronics”: end-to-end digitalization of the WITTENSTEIN product world, digitalized production of the future, digital customer interaction and the integrative design of a digital work culture. In short, WITTENSTEIN is pioneering the digital transformation with extensive digitalization expertise in manufacturing, assembly, logistics and materials management processes.

Press Briefing: Get Started: Play IIoT Smart & Simple

Join us for a press briefing to review the new smart gearbox in the context of the digital transformation at WITTENSTEIN SE. 

•    Tuesday, April 2 from 3 to 3.30 p.m. 
•    WITTENSTEIN SE, Hall 15, Stand F10
•    Speaker Dr. Dirk Haft, WITTENSTEIN SE Management Board

We look forward to meeting you there!